Some feedback from our clients who have we’ve helped over the years.

“Since we met Marion in 2006 we found someone to lead us in the right direction with finance and insurance. Thankfully we took up mortgage protection, at her advice. Without it, we would no longer be the proud owners of our family home. Long term illness and the economic collapse would have forced a sale. And the mortgage cover allowed us to gain new skills to get back into the workforce.
A big thank you Marion.”

G. Groenewald

We have been a customer of Marion Herbert for over a decade and to date she has never left a stone unturned in providing us with assistance and information regarding our personal finances. She is very forthcoming with information and always has your benefit at heart. Her straight forwardness and direct approach has always been well received by us. For us, as a young family, Marion has delivered us into our dream home and continues to be part of our financial success. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.

Shaun Pahalad – Managing Director – Air Concepts Ltd

“My husband and I were introduced to Marion about 8 months ago through a friend, she has been the most amazing help with all our mortgage, financial, life and health insurances. She has gone out of her way to help us. I can not say enough about her incredible knowledge on everything financial in our life’s. I have put many of my friends on to her and they to are very impressed and in awe of how much she has done for them.

My husband and I often say to ourselves I only wish we had met her sooner.  She is so lovely we have built up a friendship. I can totally recommend this incredibly wonderful lady.”

Trina and Gavin Reed

“Thank you so much for all your help with our construction loan. We were struggling to finance for construction loan but Marion worked around the clock to get our loan approved.  She is very helpful and we are overwhelmed by her service. She is very punctual, pleasant, efficient  and professional. We found you to be extremely accommodating and family friend. Everything with your great help went so smoothly and kept us out of stress. Marion you are an angel and we are very proud of you and your service. We admire how calmly you handle tough situations.

We are so thankful to you Marion for  your continued endeavours and I have no hesitation in recommending her service to anyone.
I have found you the best.”

Maureen Ali, Legal Officer, Financial Holdings Ltd

“My wife and I were introduced to Marion Herbert in early 2000. We were struggling financially and had no real plan in place to deal with provisional tax payments and the cash-flow problems that the payments were causing my newly-started business.
Marion not only provided solutions for my cash-flow issues, she also overhauled our grossly inadequate Life and Medical insurance portfolios. She also re-negotiated our mortgage rates and showed me how to use revolving credit on one of my floating mortgages to help with business cash flow. Thirteen years later we are financially secure, the business is thriving and we even have a rental property to help with our retirement planning – all thanks to Marion Herbert.

Marion is professional, efficient and utterly reliable. In a spate of recent medical claims, she proved once again that she is always there for us – calmly taking care of the daunting piles of paperwork that always seem to accompany a medical claim. It was reassuring to find that we were well protected – our bills were paid promptly, with no “ducking and diving” by the insurance companies. Her foresight in re-structuring my ACC cover and suggesting an Income & Mortgage Protection policy also carried me safely through a lengthy lay-off for a sports injury that would have resulted in serious cash-flow problems for our household had we not been adequately insured.

We can wholeheartedly recommend Marion as a trustworthy and honest broker.”

Mike & Carola McCarthy, Orewa, Auckland

“Can I take this opportunity to say thank you for the help that you have given Lou and I over the past few years. We very much enjoy the warm friendship with you and John, which has grown parallel to our business relationship.

We have much to be grateful to you for, this includes sorting out our mortgages and simplifying the complicated arrangements which existed prior to your intervention. You have also managed to sort our insurances out to the point where following my injury last year, we have been in a good position, which has enabled my recovery to progress without stress.

We look forward to continuing to see our business interests grow and to have your continued help and guidance with logistical matters, to ensure the path ahead is smooth.

Lou and I are happy for you and in fact encourage you to use any part of or all this testimonial as a way to encourage others to use the services that you so ably offer.”

Brent Mathieson, B & L Property Management, Takapuna

“Marion Herbert has been our financial and insurance advisor since 2007 when she helped me (then single) to purchase my first home. In 2010 she helped myself and my husband buy our first home together.

During the past 9 years we have changed banks and insurance companies always with Marion’s help. On occasion I have considered ending my Medical Hospital Care Insurance. Thank goodness I did not. At the end of January this year we discovered that I needed urgent surgery to remove a very large tumour. After going to my GP on a Monday, it took only until the following Thursday to have surgery take place. Within those 11 days I had an ultrasound scan, specialist appointments and an MRI scan. I spent 5 days in hospital where I received care of a very high standard. All bills were paid quickly and without any trouble. I owe all this to Marion’s professionalism and determination to meet the needs of her clients. I hate to think what would have happened to me if I had to rely on the public medical system.”

Tracey R., Torbay

“Over a decade ago we were fortunate to be introduced to Marion Herbert, of lnfocus. We had recently acquired our first house in New Zealand, together with a substantial mortgage.
Marion guided us along a financial road which led to our mortgage-free ownership of the house within seven years. Not an easy road by any means, but perfectly do-able with the kind of advice, planning and guidance we were receiving.

All those years ago, she gave us a tantalising glimpse of a sound financial future which could be ours if we ‘played by her rules’! Well, we did, and are now reaping what to us are very attractive benefits. Since our first meeting with Marion, circumstances have dictated we move house twice more. We believe we are now in our ‘forever’ home, no mortgage, and – thanks to Marion’s ever wise advice -with money in the bank.”

John and Mary-Rose

“My husband and I both hold various forms of insurance through Partners Life and due to a cancer diagnosis last year we were required to action our Trauma Policy and Mortgage Cover, Partners Life and Marion Herbert have been absolutely amazing through out the last 11 months, our payments have been regular reducing the financial stress, we highly recommend both!”


“Marion has been a trusted advisor to myself and my family for more than 15 years.
She has offered us sage advice and practical solutions for managing our financial affairs ranging from mortgages to insurance. We trust her counsel implicitly. More than once when we have thought we were in a financial dilemma, she has found solutions.

With her guidance, my business has grown and is stable and we are now in a comfortable position owning homes of high value with low mortgages.
In an era where advisors and consultants can put the financiers they receive commissions from ahead of their clients, Marion stands head and shoulders above the rest for always putting her client first. You can trust her advice to be impartial and well informed, and not just aligned with one provider. She is a true broker in touch with the market and goes where the best deals are to be found. On many occasions we have shifted banks and insurance companies on her advice because she is always hunting for the best alternatives.”

Andrew Melville, Director Spoke LTD

“We have been putting off purchasing a rental property for sometime.
Good friends had just purchased a rental and kept telling us about Marion and how great she was… great is a understatement!  This lady is an absolute legend, she certainly knows her stuff.

After sorting our finances out and explaining it all to us, we now understand so much more.  Marion organised our first rental mortgage, ALL without any bank visits. Marion came to our home every time sometimes three times a week to explain things and get us to sign bank agreements.  Marion then sorted our insurance. This wonderful lady has taken the weight off our shoulders, as we now know Marion is ALWAYS at the end of the phone to answer any questions.  Thanks to Marion we are now on target for our second rental. Our only regret is that we didn’t find this amazing lady so full of knowledge ten years earlier!”

Hamish and Gaylene