Financial and Mortgage Services

Whether you want to move into a bigger home, use your home equity to borrow and save, reduce financial stress or simply wondering what the value of ACC is to you. We can help were possible, put a sensible plan in place, and help relieve the stresses.

Mortgage planning

Is the mortgage a noose around your neck?
We help to create cash flow, so you can have a financial balance in life. Your mortgage will no longer be “the Noose around your Neck”, once you understand the real asset you are creating to secure financial security and a sound retirement.

Case Studies

Find your dream home

A couple wanted to buy their first home. Their deposit situation was as such that they could not get their “dream home”. They opted to buy a rental property instead whilst they continued renting themselves. They repeated this exercise one more time, renting while they now owned two rental properties. Upon they third attempt they…

Financial security

Worried about all the” What If’s” in your life?
We show you a sensible way to make sure you need no longer worry. You can enjoy each day going about your work and spending time with family and friends. You have the knowledge that the “What If’s “are no longer a real issue.

Case Studies

Burnout and depression

A client was made redundant and could not find work – no matter how hard he tried. He became discouraged and despondent. When we visited the client we noticed the change and made recommendations in regards to medical care. A report was done to his insurance company and burnout and depression was diagnosed. The client…

ACC for the self-employed

Do you feel ACC has no real value to you?
Is the Bank only your fair weather friend, and does not support you or understand your needs? We can help were possible, to put a sensible plan in place, and help relieve the stresses that self-employed people feel daily in the financial area.

Case Studies

ACC pays out only for accidents not illness

A self- employed trades person came to us asking for advice. He felt his ACC premiums and the need for personal cover where out of his financial reach. We looked at his business situation and analysed his family needs. The client decided to dial down on his ACC cover and self-insure. ACC pays out only…