About Infocus, financial advice Tauranga

Infocus is a Tauranga based company focusing on giving sensible advice in relation to mortgage finance, insurances and ACC for the self-employed and wealth creation.

Marion Herbert

Marion Herbert

Marion Herbert honed her skills working for the New York Life Insurance company in the USA. She specialised in Estate Planning helping people reduce/avoid paying massive amounts of death taxes.  She further specialised in the area of wealth creation and retirement planning via IRA and Keogh plan investments. She helped businesses into understanding the need for Partnership Agreements, and funding the agreements.

She was a member of the MDRT (the premier association of financial professionals) for 5 years and a platform speaker. She was the first female underwriter ever to be initiated into the Northwest Pacific Estate Planning Council. She studied toward her CLU at the University of Washington

Marion immigrated to NZ in 1980 with her husband and 3 young children. She worked as an independent in the area of mortgage funding, sourcing money when there was little around.

In 1998 she opened her Brokerage MONEYWORKZ in Auckland; Tauranga followed in 2003. The very successful Auckland Brokerage was sold in 2006 and she relocated to the beautiful Bay of Plenty.

After a 2 year break for personal reasons, she renamed her Tauranga brokerage to INFOCUS. The name was born out of her belief, that everyone should be in focus and have a balance with Life, family and finances.

Marion cares about all her clients’ welfare deeply, and wants to make sure that all will lead successful and financial worry free lives. Her mission statement is “Every day above ground is a bonus”, and should be enjoyed to the fullest.

This can only be achieved by reducing the financial stress – all else will fall into place naturally.